Line Card

Below you will fine a complete sampling of the products we offer.  If you are looking for something that you cannot find in the list please contact us and we will help find a source for you.

Aerosol Chemicals
Air Brake Fittings
Air Hose Couplers
Air Hose
Aluminum Tubing Clamps
Anchors & Toggles
Auto Body Fasteners & Hardware
Band-it Products
Barb Tite Hose Ends
Battery Terminals & Cable
Black iron Pipe Fittings
Brass Fittings
Bulb, Auto & Shop
Bolts & Nuts, All Grades
Bumper Bolts
Carriage & Elevator Bolts
Chain Couplers & Repair Links
Circuit Breakers
Clevis Pins
Compression Fittings
Copper Battery Lugs
Cotter Pins
CRC Chemicals
Cut-off Wheels
Domestic Grade 5 & 8 Cap Screws
Drain & Shut Off Cocks
Drill & Tap Screws (Teks)
Drill Bits
“E” Clips
Emory Cloth
Expansion Plugs
Fasteners, All Grades
Fender Washers

Flat Washers , All Grades
Floor Screws
Frame Clips
Fuel Line hose
Fuse Blocks
Glad Hands & Seals
Grease Fittings
Grinding Wheels
Hair Pins
Hand Cleaner
Hacksaw Blades
Heat Shrink Tubing
Heater Hose
Hex Nuts, All Grades
Hose Clamps
Hydraulic Couplers
Hydraulic Hose
Hydraulic Fittings
Hydraulic Quick Couplers
Internal & External Snap Rings
Lag Bolts
License Plate Screws & Bolts
Loom (Wire)
Lock Nuts
Lock Washers, All Grades
Machine Screws & Nuts
Mechanics Wire
Metric Fasteners
Molded Connectors
Nylon Tubing Clamps
O-ring & Quad Rings
Permatex & Loctite Products
Pig Tail Connectors

Plow Bolts
Reusable Hose Ends
Rivets & Riv-nuts
Rod End Ball Joints
Safety Products
Set Screws
Sheet Metal Screws
Silicone Adhesives
Socket Head Bolts & Screws
Spring pins
Stainless Steel Bolts & Screws
Star Washers
Steel Tubing Clamps
Taps & Dies
Terminal Blocks
3M Tape Products
Trailer Cable
Truck Lighting
TY Raps (Wire Ties)
Vacuum tubing & Connectors
Wire Clamps
Wire- Multi Conductor
Wire- Low Voltage R.V.I.
Wire Loom
Wire terminals
Wood Screws
Woodruff Keys